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As Of December 31, 2019
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The folding trailer that transforms your life!
Lakeville, IN
Who We Are

CAD Trailer Designs (CAD TD) started as an idea between the founder, Russell Davis and his father ten years ago while down in Fort Myers Florida with a trailer dilemma: “How to store a custom motorcycle and a trailer in limited garage space”. Florida, like many urban and suburban communities, does not allow trailers to be stored outside in residential zoned areas, a familiar situation to most areas throughout the United States. Through many fabricating efforts, Russ achieved a patented trailer that folds 3 times for easy storage. Andrew Cannon and Joe McKeever having been corporate executives for years in the utility trailer industry realized the importance of these innovations. A couple of years later, Russ invited us to join CAD TD and presently are excited in supporting the newly launching operations.

CAD TD’s vision is to produce unique trailer products for people on the go with products that are ‘right sized’ to their lifestyle, both nationally and internationally. Transportation needs have a similar base need of utility, durability and compact storage. CAD TD determines to be this company in various trailer models.

Our Goals

CAD TD will utilize the founder’s triple-patented design to launch a start-up company that is truly “made in America”. The focus is for the start-up company to leverage a great design, create significant accessories and expand the product types through the first 5 years of operation. Our first 2-year strategy is to develop a key supplier of steel frames with an existing manufacturing facility that provides for easy ramp-up and quick product delivery.

The trailer models will be introduced as a standard offering ‘ready to tow’. Main product segments in the NA towing space includes ‘on road’ utilization for expanded cargo space for compact crossover/SUV and Small Pick-up owners with various packaged goods or materials, motorcycles, all-terrain vehicles, small boats or building supplies to name a few items. A sub-segment that is ever expanding is the NA off road market space including outdoor activities like boating (kayaking, canoeing), camping, fishing, hunting, and family excursions. The products from CAD TD are a perfect fit for these activities and present a ready-made foundation for accessories to support these activities. Long-term plans include accessories to support these activities utilizing the unique CAD TD products!

Offer Details
$250,000 Goal
$10 Per Share/Unit
A Stock is a type of security that represents ownership or equity in a company.
What are the products?

The initial product line provided will include 9 base trailer models with a standard 4’, 5’ and 6’ wide models that are of the same 9’ length. These models have several features including the ability to fold up into a very small package, able to lower the loading surface (deck) for ease of loading various items like full size touring motorcycles. These models are the foundation of a much larger sub-segment in the North American marketplace such as cargo, recreational and private commercial segments.

Why are we raising funds?

The initial $250,000 will be key to complete the DOT registration and certification of the trailer along with establishing the first State’s registration as a manufacturer and Dealer/Distributor so that we may engage the Dealer networks. There is also hard tooling assets for welding, painting and assembly that need to be designed and purchased to support high volume production. The initial marketing campaign will use this seed money to create brand recognition. Through the year, additional investment input from our Nvsted campaign will broaden our needed market penetration.

What are our plans to grow?

The first two years of operation will be dedicated to Dealer expansion, brand recognition marketing campaigns, volume ramp up and development of multiple accessories, while the third and fourth year are focused on international expansion and a wholly-owned manufacturing facility. The following few years will demonstrate CAD TD Inc.'s significant business value for a timely divestment of the well-running business. By our projections, an exit after approximately 5 years of operations will return an estimated 10X to 20X for investors, including dividends. We based these projections on models currently used in the trailer industry.

Meet The Team
Russ Davis
CEO / Pres
CEO/Inventor/Patent holder with 20 years of experience in: business ownership, IT consulting sectors and retail sectors holding a BA Computer Science and adjunct professor in IT LANS
Andy Cannon
CFO / VP Finance
CFO with 30 plus years of experience as a senior leader/consultant in finance and supply chain holding a CPA (not practicing), BS Accountancy and MBA University of Chicago
Joe McKeever
COO / VP Operations
COO with 30 plus years of experience in automotive, cargo trailers, and ‘greenfield’ start-ups holding a BS in Engineering, MBA Operations Management and 6Sigma/PMP trained

CAD TD Inc. desires to commercialize this patented, folding trailer with the patented drop axle design. The company’s go to market plan has identified several specific risks beyond the normal risks outlined in the iDisclosed documents.

  • Going to market for a startup trailer company has the initial company / brand recognition obstacle. CTD will need to leverage all forms of communication (marketing one-pagers, B2B selling, social media, trade shows) in key markets to be successful. A fully funded NVSTED campaign will provide the working capital for a fully deployed marketing plan.
  • Our frame design requires welded steel on a weld fixture with a key supplier. Should there be an interruption, CTD will move the weld fixtures and certify a second supplier causing a 30 day interruption in our supply chain. Our management group is well seasoned in supply chain interruption corrective actions.
  • The US Domestic utility trailer industry has typical business sector pressures like consumer confidence, raw goods pricing and available financing. These factors are mostly out of CTD’s control; however we have such a low cost structure, we believe that we can outperform most trailer manufacturers in like segments. Further details are outlined in the iDisclosed documents.
  • CTD needs to maintain control of our product’s quality for paint, welds and air system integrity. Customer safety and satisfaction are top priorities. For this reason, our Assembly Plant will maintain individual VIN number quality control as dictated by internal and external DOT standards. Our management team is well trained in these quality control methods.
  • Utility Trailer products have an inherent warranty liability during its lifetime as a transportation device. As CTD implements our quality control, the product should not experience any undue risks beyond a typical business sector risk. Our owner’s manual will detail out enough warnings and key owner responsibility uses as to avoid customer abuse claims. Our management team has years of experience in dealing with such issues. Liability insurance and legal support will be the final level of protection.

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Funding with Nvsted

CAD TRAILER DESIGNS is conducting a Regulation Crowdfunding offering via a website owned and operated by STL Critical Technologies JV I LLC. CRD Number: #288930.

$10 Per Share

A Stock is a type of security that represents ownership or equity in a company.

As Of December 31, 2019
Common Questions We're Asked
Does CAD Trailer Designs have a website?
Yes, you can reach our website by copying and pasting the following link into your browser:
What are the advantages of a folding trailer?
It can be stored in the garage out of the weather, and it solves the problems of local laws against having a trailer on the street.
What type of accessories are planned?
We are planning on making available many different types of accessories, to include the following: Side boards for hauling, racks for hauling, RV enclosure to convert it into a camper and fit in the same footprint, hunting blind conversion, snowmobile camping shed conversion, and ice fishing cabin conversion.
What is the advantage over the competitive trailer?
The advantages CAD TD has over its competition are 1) Longer life because it can be stored out of the weather; 2) Lowers to the ground so no ramps are needed; 3) Lower cost of shipping, eliminating the need to have multiple manufacturing plants like the competitors have; 4) It opens new markets that have never been tapped including the international market
How will CAD TD go to market?
CAD TD will utilize traditional dealers, motorcycle dealerships, large box stores, and direct online sales to go to market.
What experience do you have in the trailer industry?
The executive group has decades of combined executive experience in the trailer industry along with trailer shipping logistics and the building of trailer manufacturing plants.
How can I invest?
Navigate to Nvsted's resources section to learn more about how to invest in our campaign:
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