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You’ve made the choice to raise funds with Nvsted. Now it’s time to make some important financial decisions, fill out a few forms and prepare the assets you’ll need for a successful campaign. Our Resource Guide is a great tool to help you begin, but we highly recommend having a lawyer and accountant to help you through the hard stuff.

Campaign Creation 101

It’s the interview of a lifetime. Introduce your business, communicate your vision, and outline your goals. Bring your unique opportunity to life through words and visuals.

How much do you want to raise, and what type of security will you offer your investors? Crowdfunding campaigns have associated upfront fees. Make sure you familiarize yourself with the cost of running a campaign.

The SEC requires you to submit a Form C for any Title III Crowdfunding campaign. We’ve partnered with iDisclose to make that process a little easier.

There are upfront costs associated with launching a crowdfunding campaign. Read more about them here.

Building a company profile and campaign takes time and attention to detail. To create one with Nvsted, you will need to use a desktop browser.