Back Companies You Believe Will Help St. Louis Thrive

Build Your Investment Portfolio

And Help St. Louis Thrive

Nvsted offers resources and investment opportunities that put your dollars to work in the St. Louis business community. Getting started is easy:

Don’t invest if you can’t afford to lose the dollars you’re committing.

Don’t assume the first company you invest in will be a roaring success. It very well could be! Just don’t plan on it.

Don’t assume your generous investment gives you voting rights in the company.

Don’t be afraid to start small. Back multiple campaigns and build your investment portfolio as the community grows.

Do take time to explore your investment options and put your money behind the companies you're most passionate about.

Do your research. Learn everything you can about the project and the people behind it.

Do believe in the power of building a stronger community, one local, good-intentioned investment at a time.

Do tell your friends. It takes a community to raise a business and your investment know-how could make you look like a philanthropic entrepreneurial, goal-planning genius.

Anyone Can Invest

In Ideas They Believe In

Investing in startups and small businesses used to be reserved for angel investors and venture capitalists. In 2016, Crowdfunding became legal when Title III of the JOBS act went into effect. Now anyone with dollars to invest can fund ideas with potential.